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Stationary LNG station
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    Stationary LNG station is the LNG refueling system that is composed of 4 subsystems: LNG storage tank, LNG pump skid, LNG dispenser and PLC control cabinet. Each module finishes assembling, testing and debugging in factory. The station can be put into trial operation after each module connected, installed and debugged simply at site.

Key Parameter

Working medium Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG)
NO.of pumps 1unit 2units
Max.discharge of pump 340L/min 680L/min
Operating pressure 1.6Mpa
Pipeline design temperature -196°C
Total power 15KW 30kW
Noise <55dB
Explosive-proof grade ExdⅡBT4
Vaporizer 300 + 150Nm3
Dimension 3500*2400*2400 ( mm )
Control mode PLC full automatic control

1 LNG Skid-mounted Pump


    LNG pump skid is to integrate LNG cryogenic immersed pump, vacuum pump pool, vaporizer, vacuum pipeline and valves in the skid, which has functions of unloading, pressure regulating and refueling. Equip with safety precautions such as combustible gas detection, leakage alarm, emergency cut-off etc. Multiple unload mode: pump unload, self-pressurization unload, combined unload etc. Multiple functions: storage tank pressure boost, thermoregulation, instant refuel during unload, dual pump crossed standby application.Pump pool uses high vacuum twine heat insulation, inflow & outflow pipeline use PIR cold insulation mode, which keeps the cold loss to a minimum. Reuse the BOG in storage tank by our particular unloading equal pressure mode.


High integration, easy installation, safe and reliable, advanced technological process, cold loss control