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LNG Dispenser
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    Accuracy of measuring reaches ±1%. Function of pipeline pressure protection, which realizes overpressure protection through safety valve protection, which realizes overpressure protection through safety valve pressure sensor. Advanced cold insulation technology insulation treatment for all inner medium circulation pipelines (including mass flow meter, reduce BOG effectively. Repeated operation is unnecessary as liquid filling interval time is short, which will reduce gas filling waiting time. The operation mode  single pumpdual dispensers and dual pumps four dispensers come true through interconnected control.


High accuracy of measuring, High security,Reasonable technological process,Good thermal insulation properties, low loss

Key Parameter

LNG dispen serseries technical parameters
Applicable medium Liquefied natural gas
Range of flow 3~80 kg/min
Accuracy of measuring ±1.0%
Working Pressure 1.6MPa
Ambient temperature -40℃~+55℃
Pipeline temperature -196℃~+55℃
Ambient Humidity ≤95%
Ambient Atmosph ere 86~110KPa
Unit of measurement Kg,L,Nm³
Minimum scale reading 0.01
Single counter Range 0~9999.99
Totalize range 0~99999999.99
Refueling Hose 1 inch stainless steel flexible hose(4m/6m)
Gas phase recovery hose 1/2 inch stainless steel flexible hose(4m/6m)
Filling nozzle 1 inch special use for LNG dispenser
Gas phase pipe joint 1/2 inch quick coupling
Power supply 220v±15%  50Hz±1Hz
Explosive-proof grade Complete Machineanti-explosion Exdefbmb ⅡAT4Gb
Rated power 200W

Main functions

■Refuel by non-quantitative and preset volume
■IC card management, auto settlement and favorable unit price
■Measuring by mass and volume
■Bill printer
■Explosive-proof design: intrinsic safety and isolating safet
■Pressure temperature compensation function
■Breakaway coupling
■automatically after refueling completed
■Save data automatically after power cut, display data lingeringly
■Data transmission communication interface
■Display unit price, volume and sum with high light backlit LCD