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CNG Column
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    CNG filling/unloading column uses high-performance industrial control microprocessing system, which is the metering equipment used in trade settlement of CNG main station or substation, and mainly filling/unloading & metering for CNG tank car.Temperature compensation is available as it uses imported mass flow meter with temperature sensor, high accuracy pressure sensor assures the high accuracy metering.Mass flow meter, manual ball valve, high pressure hose, quick coupling are imported from famous brand abroad.
    Designed and manufactured by ourselves, the computer controller uses industrial grade electronic components, and it passed the test of harsh environmental suitability, electromagnetic compatibility and safety, which assures the reliability of computer controller in complex operating environment. With proprietary intellectual property rights, there is no any obstacle in technology upgrading and rebuilding in future.Runner pipe path is φ22x4, high pressure hose diameter is 25mm, maximum flow reaches 80kg/min.



High accuracy of measuring, High reliability、Proprietary intellectual property rights、 Fast speed for filling

Key Parameters

CNGFilling/Unloading Column Series
Basictype CNG filling column Single-line single-hose,single-line dual-hose, dual-line single-hose,medium pressure CNG filling column
CNG unloading column Single-line single-hose,single-line dual-hose
Technical Parameters Applicable medium Compressed Natural Gas(CNG)
Accuracy of measuring ±1.0%
Range of flow filling column : (3-70)kg/min(3-80)m³/min
unloading column : (3-77)kg/min(3-90)m³/min
working pressure 20MPa
Max.working pressure 25MPa
Ambient temperature -40°C-+50°C
Explosive-proof grade Exdefbmb IIAT4Gb
Power supply 220V±15% 50Hz±HZ
Unit of measurement Kg/Nm3
Minimum scale reading 0.01
Single counter range 0-9999.99
Totalize range 0-99999999.99
Rated power Single-hose:100W,dual-hose:200W

Main function

■Safety protection function for overpressure, overflowing
■Data protection and data delay display when power failure
■Bulk-storage memory function, inquiry shift total volume and total totalizer
■Refuel by preset volume and sum
■Display the recent CNG filling data
■Fault self-service diagnostic function, automatic display fault code
■Pressure temperature compensation
■Breaking protection
■Manual emergency shut-down valve
■IC card auto settlement and management (optional)
■Bill printer
■Data transmission communication interface