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CNG Dispenser(For export)
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    Chengdu Yenergy Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional and specialized company inpetroleum and natural gas equipment industry. We are doing research and development, manufacturing, selling, engineering and offering technical services. Our company has a group of professional and highly qualified experts who engaged in CNG, LNG, L-CNG filling station equipment and integrated information system technology research and development , master special equipment, equipment for LNG and CNG filling station equipment and natural gas station integrated supervisory system core technology with independent intellectual property rights.
    Our main products and services include CNG, LNG, L-CNG complete sets of equipment and LNG special equipment, natural gas station SCADA control systems, natural gas station IC card intelligent network management system, billing system, the company gas station safety management system and integrated supervision system for LNG, CNG information.
    We have ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, has established a perfect marketing network and after-sale service system. We not only provide customers with first-class products, first-class service , but also provide a strong security operation guaranteed.

1.Quotation Form    

No product name models Qty Price Manufacturer
1 CNG Dispenser JQJ-2Z30A 1   Yuneng

2. Main configuration list

Item Name Specs Qty Manufacturer of Brand
1 Mass flowmeter AMF015-25 2 WALSN-Canada
2 Pneumatic Valve BKH-DN13-16S-1128 6 ROTELMNN
3 Three-way ball valve BVSS-UMB16-P10 2 CADLORK
4 Pressure gauge YN60BFZT 0-40MPA 2 KaiFeng
5 Pressure transmitter 0-35Mpa,0.5% 2 MICRO
6 Break away coupling valve 400-600N 2 CADLORK
7 Hose ZD8810-6000MMM 2 TESLA
8 Nozzle φ18mm bolt orNGV 2 Yuneng
9 Inlet valve G10 3 ROTELMNN
10 Emergency ball valve G10 2 LEXFLOW
11 Strainer   3 KaiSheng
12 Start-stop button CZ0201P282 04/24X 1 BTK
13 Metal key-press(English) K-8141 2 Yuneng
14 ESD ESB EX CZ0201 P3X 1 BTK
15 Electronic scoring system YN_CNG.V1.0 2 Yuneng
16 IC card reader MT318 2 Yuneng
17 Bill Printer WH-E1ZR101 2 Yuneng
18 Cabinet 2080*900*550 1 Yuneng

3. Main Specifications

■ Model Number: JQJ-2Z30A                                        ■ Medium: Compressed Natural Gas

■ Dual guns                                                                   ■ Three lines from storage
■ Flow Range: (2-40Nm3/min)1-30kg/min                    ■ Max.Permissible Error: ±0.5%

■ Power Supply: AC220V ±10%,50Hz ±1Hz                ■ Rated Pressure: 20Mpa

■ Max.Working Pressure: 25Mpa                                 ■ Hydrostatic testing: 37.5Mpa

■ Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+55℃                         ■ Expl.Proof Grade: Exdemib IIAT4

■ Measuring Unit: Kg,Nm³                                            ■ Min. Reading Value: 0.01Kg,0.01Nm³

4.product details

 1. Display unit price, volume and sum with high brilliance back light in both two-side LCD;
 2. Operation interface adopts big LCD, display including operator, driver, vehicle type, flow, pressure, temperature, IC card balance and so on;
 3. Calibrate by pressure transducer;
 4. Set of all parameters by encryption, parameters protected by password setup function; 
 5. Each hose (motherboard) can save 20,000 transaction, and supporting inquiry and print historical data;
 6. Refuel by preset volume and sum, stopped by integral sum at any time;
 7. Inquiry shift total volume, shift total sum and total totalizer;
 8. Mental keyboard is optional;
 9. Dispenser with IC card has function of IC card management, auto settlement and favorable unit price (Preset IC card interface in dispenser without IC card);
 10. Monitor malfunction automatically and display malfunction code with maintenance method;
 11. Pressure switch automatically, which assures take out CNG from storage system accurately and effectively;
 12. Save data automatically after power cut, display data lingeringly;
 13. Shut down solenoid valve and display reason while over pressure, lose pressure and overflow;
 14. Monitor malfunction of mass flow meter and stop refueling while mass flow meter has malfunction;
 15. Gas leakage and gas lost protection, display alert information;
 16. Count and record solenoid valve malfunction lost gas volume by using optional monitor system;
 17. Preset communication interface, inspect information including refuel and dispenser performance in real time by using optional management system;
 18. Breakaway coupling;
 19. Manual emergency shut-down valve;
 20. Filter online cleaning function;
 21. Pressure discharge and blow-off.

5. Product pictures