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CNG Dispenser
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Key Parameters

CNG Dispenser Series
Basictype Massflow CNG dispenser Single-line,single-hose,single-line dual-hose,
single-line four-hose
Dual-line single-hose.dua-line dial-hose,
dual-line four-hose
Three-line single-hose,three-line dual-hose,
three-line four-hose
Technical Parameters Applicable medium Compressed Natural Gas(CNG)
Accuracy ymeasuring ±1.0%
Range of flow (2-30)kg/min(3-40)Nm³/min
Rated working perssure 20MPa
Max working perssure 25MPa
Compressive strength 37.5MPa
Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ +50℃
Explosive-proof grade Exdefbmb  ⅡAT4Gb
Power supply 220V±15% 50Hz±1Hz
Unit of measurement Kg/Nm³
Minimum scale reding 0.01
Single counter range 0~9999.99
Totalize range 0~99999999.99
Rated power Single-hose:100W,Dual-hose:200W,


Main Function
■Highlight backlight LCD, dual display unit price, CNG volume and sum
■Safety protection function for overpressure, overflowing, anti-surge
■Ultra-large capacity memory function, 20,000 CNG filling transactions can be saved while off-line, and supports inquiry and print historical data
■Refuel by preset volume and sum
■Fault self-service diagnostic function, automatic display fault code
■Pressure temperature compensation
■Breaking protection
■Pressure discharge and blow-off
■IC card auto settlement and management
■Automatic filling pressure control, which assures take out CNG from storage system effectively
■Data protection and data delay display when power failure
■Display the recent CNG filling data
■Monitor malfunction of mass flow meter and stop refueling while mass flow meter has malfunction
■Gas leakage and gas lost protection, display alert information
■Filter online cleaning function
■Manual emergency shut-down valve
■Bill printer