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Information Management Platform
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CNG gasstation intelligent network management system uses modern computer networking technology and integrates intelligent IC card, electron, network and database technology, which provides CNG station with a easy management, stable performance, high efficiency& quickly response, resources sharinginformation management platform. Centralized management to each CNG gas station, and makes one-card, bank networking, third party payment such as wechat&alipay come true.
The CNG gas station intelligent network management system can be divided into3 types: stationlevel, regionlevel and group level.
Stationlevel management system: installed in the computers of CNG gas station, collecting data from CNG dispenser and storing them in the database, to inquire and statistic data for users.
Regionlevel management system: makes the data exchange and data inquiry of multiple stationlevel management systems in one region come true.Head office data center.
Grouplevel centre management system: co1lecting data from multiple regionlevel management system and provide data and decision-making basis for group management and control.

1 Station Level Management System


Equipped with data communication, display, report forms inquiry and message settings, the site management computer (induding monitoring software and matched database) is installed in business hall of each gas station.

main function

■ Monitoring the data of CNG dispenser                                 ■ Authority management

■ Company vehicles refueling bank water inquiring                ■ Card N0. refueling bank water inquiring

■ CNG dispenser nozzle refueling bank water inquiring         ■ Cash refueling bank water inquiring

■ Staff refueling bank water inquiring                                      ■ System parameter settings

■ Tally refueling bank water inquiring                                      ■Supporting multiple languages management,
                                                                                                   one-button switch of multi language
■ Day and month statistics of teams and groups, routes        ■ Database backup/recover, log management

■ Interface parameter settings                                                ■ Supporting large data volume concurrence

■ Teams and groups refueling bank water inquiring               ■ Supporting one nozzle one agreement, multiple nozzles one agreement

■ Vehicles refueling bank water inquiring                               ■ Teams and groups information display:on duty, off duty
■ Vehicle model refueling bank water inquiring                      ■ Data collection of multiple nozzles different agreement

■ Blacklist and whitelist issuing                                              ■ Refueling bank water inquiring

2 Center Web IC card Management System


    Equipped with the functions of IC card basic information settings(pattern of consumption, vehicle type, unit price type), basic rules settings,IC card information input(card N0, license plate N0. cylinder date etc.),IC card relevant information inquiry statistics etc.

Main Functions

■Build profile for vehicles                                                         ■Company information registration

■IC card recharge                                                                     ■Change of IC card unit price grade

■IC card summary information inquiry                                      ■ Consumption patterns settings Driver information maintenance

■Cancel report and report the loss of                                        ■IC card IC card issued information inquiry

■Information inquiry of report for loss                                        ■Vehicle type settings

■Vehicle information registration                                               ■Unlock "grey" IC card

■IC card recharge information inquiry                                       ■IC card recharge information summary

■Unit price grade settings IC card issuing                                 ■Date change of IC card cylinder

■ IC card account checking information inquiry                         ■Authority management

3 Center data inquiry System


    This system is a B/S structure Internet access platform, which provides different inquiry function for different users without installing system.

Main Functions

■ Shift change statistics of each station or summary statistics of all stations, display the details of each shift in each station and support printing.

■ Report form processing: summarizing the data from each station and provides various report forms.

■ Right and power distribution: system decentralized management, different permission for different users, and only the person who has permissions can operate and use relevant function module.

■ Loca1 area network and entire network access is available, which is convenient for different functional department to inquiry management data(e.g. production Dept. management Dept. etc.).

■ Function of consumption details and balance inquiry.

■ Function of shift inquiry and shift accumulative statistics.

■ Function of data audit and report forms printing.