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LNG Station SCADA System
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     Using SIEMENS PLC and industrial configuration software to collect, store, record, display, remote upload and monitorthe data of LNG/L-CNG station equipment. Main equipment: field instrument, PLC control cabinet, frequency conversion power distllbution cabinet, monitoring computerand alarm system.

    High automation: one-touch operation, the operators can skillfully operate this system through simple training, which can prevent the wrong operation causing damage to personnel and equipment.
    High safety: interlocking control of ESD alarm, combustible gas alarm, flame alarm, field equipment overtemperature and overpressure alarm etc.
    Real-time monitoring the electric current of running cryogenic immersed pump, the temperature of pump pool and the cross-pressure of pump, which will bring multi-protection to the pump and extend the servicelife of pump.
    Automatically switch constant frequency mode and frequency conversion mode of cryogenic immersed pump to meet the pressure demand of different technical modes.
    Control the automatic start-stop of cryogenic high-pressure plunger pump according to the pressure of gas storing device, which assures to supply stable pressure for CNG dispensers.