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L-CNG station complete equipment
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1. L-CNG Pump Skid


    Skid-mountedlayout makes installation easy Plunger pump, instrument cabinet, valves and pipelines are integrated in the pump skid. High-pressurevaporizer, EAG vaporizer water bath electric heaterand priority panel also can be integrated in the skid as per customer·s requirement. Advantages of skid: install-and-play, convenient and swift.
Equip with safety precautions such as combustible gas detection, leakage alarm, emergency cut-offetc.Switch freely between dual pumps and high-pressure vaporizer, which improves the heat exchange efficiency The working mode of single pump and dual pumps switched automatically, which assures equipment run efficiently.In orderto avoid shocktransmitting to pump skid, the plunger is integrated into pump skid dullng transportation and separated from pump skid after pump skid is installed.


   Safeand reliable、 Advancedtechnological process、 Damping and noise reducing

2.High pressure vaporizer skid


    High-pressure vapollzation skid mainly consists of high-pressure vaporizer, water bath type electric heater, high-pressure EAG vaporlzer, sequential control panel, but also equipped with ballvalve, safety valve, instrument, combustible gas detector explosion-proof junction box etc. integrate the decentralized installation equipment in a skid, which has the advantages of convenient transportation and installation, small footprint and so on.

Main Parameter

High pressurevaporize  1000Nm3/h~2000Nm3/h
Water bathtype electric heater(0ptiona1) 1000Nm3/h~4000Nm3/h
Sequentialcontrol pane 1500Nm3/h~4000Nm3/h
Max.working pressur   25MPa